ANNOUNCEMENT [ENGLISH]: The acquittal of internationalists arrested on 27E

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The acquittal of internationalists arrested on 27E

Early back on 2015, two Spanish International Brigades went voluntarily to Kurdistan in response to the public notice of MLKP to aid the Syrian Kurds and against the Islamic State (DAESH) with the People’s Protection Units (YPG), who are the official militia of young Kurdish state in Syria and parts of Iraq. The YPG has become in the last two years in the enemy that has captured the greatest amount of territory to DAESH, and have been able to do so with the support of many progressive and revolutionary sectors around the world who consider the Kurds in Syria the best example of democracy and break with capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy, especially fierce in the region. This support came not only from the working classes, but also other NATO governments such as the Netherlands have established that going to the Kurdish international brigades will not be considered a crime. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain has also recognized the democratic work of the Kurds in Syria, together with the US, who have openly supported over the years to YPG with bombings and sometimes with supplies.

Despite this, on the 27th of January, the police conducted a series of simultaneous arrests in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao. This action, named after “Operation Valley”, arrested 4, 3 and 1 Party Marxist Leninist (Reconstruction Communist) militants respectively. In addition, a Kurdish citizen in has been accused of being a member of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK).

The arrests, carried out with automatic weapons in the homes of the arrested, were followed by three days of detention in several cases, in which three of the detainees were also imprisoned in solitary confinement under the protocol FIES. Out of those three, two of them entered prison on bail (10,000 € and 6,000 €). The third, Roberto Vaquero of PML (RC), has been imprisoned in isolation unconditionally. In the following days, other five people have been accused as part of Operation Valley. The number has raised to 14 indicted people, who have suffered and are suffering constant monitoring by the police authorities.

Previously, two members of the PML (RC) had already been arrested after their return from Kurdistan (one of them has also been charged in this new operation), where they were part of the Communist International Brigade called “International Battalion for freedom “convened by the Marxist-Leninist Party of Turkey and Kurdistan (MLKP).

It is noticeable how the Spanish Government have considered to stifle and criminalize another police set to become more like a witch hunt (such as imprisonment Alfon or the latest arrest of the puppeteers in Madrid) to those elements of the most conscious working class. This time, those who have proved their solidarity with the democratic revolution in Syria. Due to this, they have accused the two brigades and the PML (RC) from a branch of the PKK in Spain, a party that does not operate in Syria (if so US and NATO would support the PKK), which happens to be the only Kurdish party considered to be a terrorist organization by the US, reason to which the judge Eloy Velasco of the National court is sheltering to, in order to indict criminal gang and collaboration with a terrorist organization defendants, besides having decreed a ban on activities of the PML (RC ) and the closure of its premises for 12 months as a precautionary measure.

These events, added to the dramatic social situation in Spain, only serve to highlight the ineffectiveness or even complicity of the Spanish State and the entire NATO in enabling and nourishing the existence of DAESH in base of their interests in the Middle East, finding in the case of Turkey flagrant evidence of support to DAESH. It hence obvious the help US has provided to Al-Assad, who was sympathetic to the interests of Russia and not to the ones of NATO, causing what some time now is a predatory war which is simply preparing public opinion for a new invasion in “defence of democracy”, which will place a government like Iraq to be forced to hand its natural resources to the NATO.

Having considered the previously exposed arguments, from the platform in support to the internationalist arrested 27E, we call all individuals and progressive and revolutionary organizations to join the campaign for the release without charge of the 14 accused and the lifting of the ban activities of PML (RC).

Internationalist Brigadists Freedom!

Freedom internationalist arrested 27E!
Freedom for PML (RC)!
Freedom political prisoners!
Long live the struggle of the Kurdish people!

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