After more than three weeks since the arrests made as part of the “Operation Valley”, Roberto Vaquero still imprisoned. To the inclusion of new people under investigation for the case is added this incomprehensible situation which makes obvious the increasing of the repression against those who show their internationalist solidarity.

As we previously announced, this operation against those who show solidarity with the Kurdish people contrast with the actuations that other countries in the European Union have been making. The Spanish State, once again, seems in favour of criminalize those who are against the massacre of DAESH/ISIS in Middle East.

This way, the judge ruled the temporal suspension of activities from the Party Marxist Leninist (Reconstruction Communist) and ordered the imprisonment for three of the arrested. The unconditionally imprisonment imposed to Roberto Vaquero keeps despite the liberation with bail from the other two people accused who had been imprisoned. It is important to point out that Roberto is under the protocol FIES, an isolation model really hard for the prisoner.

The accusation against all the people under investigation revolve around a supposed collaboration with the Kurdish Worker Party (PKK). This party is included in the terrorist organizations list because of the USA’s interests. This fact has been the pretext which had allowed the judge Eloy Velasco to take the measure before explained and keep Roberto imprisoned in isolation unconditionally.

We face a worrying reality. This case, added to others like the cases of Alfon, Nahuel or the puppeteers, shows a rise of repression which reveals itself with a rising number of political prisoners. Despite the support of the popular sectors in all these cases, the imprisonments have been increasing and every time the control and repression against political and social fighters are larger.

We make an appeal to every political and social forces to join the claims requiring the freedom to Roberto Vaquero and the acquittal of all the accused. We also required the freedom of all political prisoners. The Platform in Support of the Arrested on January 27 launches this appeal being sure of the capacity of the popular sectors to join together in defense of some basic rights, like showing solidarity with the people harassed by DAESH/ISIS.

Platform in support to the internationalist arrested 27E.



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